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    Energy-Efficient Answers for enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home, office, or retail shop--at a price you can afford!


    • Kitchen and Bath Remodeling
    • Building Renovations
    • Electrical Service Upgrades
    • Energy Conscious Lighting Design and Installation
    • Spa Installations
    • Air Conditioning
    • Passive solar controllers for skylights, drapers, windows, fans


    LED Retrofits.
    EA Electric makes existing older style recessed lighting fixtures


  • About Eric

    About Eric:
    Eric has been running electrical projects for E A  Electric since 1988.  Complete renovations and lots and lots of kitchens.  “I see a lot of plans from architects that show lighting that look nice on the plan, but really need the lights to be placed with awareness of all the pending cabinets and counters that often get picked out or modified after the plan is printed.  Eric always anticipate ahead and works with the cabinet installer to create a lighting design that creates the optimum results for all to view for years to come.”
     .   .    .    .    .     .
    Eric's Lighting Mission:
    Protect the customers eyes from lighting glare. I'm constantly calculating angles of light to intended lighting targets. Why is this important? Because our eyes see light that travels from a light source to an object, and then to our eyes. Light that travels from the same light source, (say in the middle of a room) directly to our eyes blinds us from seeing the object. The two fighting lighting forces cause the same stress that is experienced when driving into the setting sun. 
    .   .    .    .    .     .
    Eric Cares About Your Families Health: 
    My 30 years of experience have made me aware of many health issues regarding recessed lighting fixtures.  I’ve been installing air tight recessed fixtures for over a decade after seeing many respiratory illnesses with children.
    Let Eric make your existing recessed lighting fixtures safe.
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    Energy-Efficient Answers for enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home, office, or retail shop–at a price you can afford!  
    EA Electric
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